4 Building Demolition Techniques 

We have a saying that in order to build, we have to remove. An old building or commercial space can be used for something else, where the area could be functional again. In order to give birth to a new establishment or house, one has to demolish the old one. When it comes to building demolition, a contractor should consider the location of the building, the materials used and the purpose of the demolition. In this article, we will tell you the 4 demolition techniques performed by Myrtle Beach Demolition Companies. For your building demolition needs, give them a call.  

Building Demolition 


One of the easiest processes of building is the implosion. This is done by having a violent bursting inside the building which eliminates the structure support of the building in sequential method. Companies will use explosives to eliminate the structural supports which are critical. It is important to place the explosives at the right place and its sequential detonation. This way, the building will collapse because of the structure’s weight. This demolition method is mostly used on large structures found at urban areas which need a control method.  

To make the demolition successful, the blueprint of the structured is analyzed to study its main component. Next step is to do a complete assessment of the building; this is done by the blaster crew. This is vital so the crew can properly identify where to put the explosives. The final step involves the identification of the right type of explosives the company should use and how to time the detonations.  

High Reach Arm 

This is a traditional method of demolition. This process involves reaching a height of 20 meters. The demolition team will form a base machine (tank, counterweight), a demolition arm, and a tool attached to the base machine (shears, crushers). The machine used for this demolition technique is equipped with different tools to execute well. High reach arm method is used on masonry, reinforced concrete and other mixed material structure.  

Other tools and equipment are used to crush or separate the rest of the material. Factors like site conditions, height of the structure, shape and location are the factors a demolition team should consider if they use this traditional demolition method.  

Crane and Ball Method 

Another traditional demolition method is the crane and ball, which is also the oldest method. The wrecking ball used weighs 13,500 pounds to demolish masonry and concrete structures. In this method, the ball is either swung or dropped onto the structure. This is a very efficient technique, but it has limitations.  

When you remove rebar in the concrete structures, you will need additional work. Not anyone can do this method; you should hire an experienced and well-skilled crane operator. The smoothness of controlling the swing is critical. It’s also noisy.  

Strip Out or Selective Demolition  

When you don’t plan of demolishing the whole building, you can opt for a selective method. It’s wise to salvage and recycle materials, especially if the building is not that old and still in good condition. This method involves the recycling of metals, brick and woods that can still be used in the construction of the new building. It’s not limited to removal of interior walls, ceilings and others.  

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Top 3 Benefits of Professional Concrete Installation Service

Professional concrete contractors offer expert concrete products and services for commercial and residential properties including sidewalks, driveways, garage pads, patios, footings, basement floors as well as retain walls. Furthermore, hiring the right company will make sure that they will be able to provide quality result as well as exceptional customer experience. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional and reliable concrete contractor for your residential or commercial property.

Concrete Installation Service

1. They Have the Expertise and Experience

Certainly, not all people are knowledgeable with concrete as this is not something that they do every day. However, professional and reputable concrete contractors are able to work with any works related to concrete building or repair. Furthermore, professional concrete contractors already have many years of working experience in this field, plus their extensive knowledge and training of preparation, design, installation as well as finishing of any kinds of concrete job, including fast and dependable problem solve and trouble-shooting should anything go wrong. As a matter of fact, this kind of expertise and experience comes from their extensive training and many years of professional experience in this industry and their services will never be matched by someone who just spent a few hours watching a DIY video tutorial. In addition to that, learning as you go or trying to DIY concrete works can lead to even more costly mistakes as well as a lot of stress.

2. They Have the Proper Materials and Tools

Concrete projects such as a new garage pad or driveway installation can be a very massive task and it requires a lot of specialized materials and equipment. These tools and extremely expensive to rent and purchase, yet are necessary to get in order to have a quality concrete project result. Fortunately, there are a lot of professional and reputable concrete installation and repair service providers out there that have the most specialized and up to date tools, materials and equipment, not to mention they carry the expertise and knowledge on how to operate any concrete related tools and equipment safely and efficiently in order to get all the concrete related jobs done right the first time around.

3. Save Energy and Time

Concrete projects are not simple or light works. As a matter of fact, they require a huge time commitment and a lot of physical labor, most especially when you are trying to fit the concrete project in between your busy work, family as well as other obligations. Fortunately, a professional and reputable concrete contractor has the ability to tackle any concrete project without interrupting your busy schedule. This is because they are professionals in their field and there’s no any concrete job that they can’t do in an efficient and effective manner. This is the reason why it’s highly imperative that you only hire a professional and experienced concrete contractor the moment you need a new concrete installation in your commercial or residential property.

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